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Epstein magnetic measurement

Epstein magnetic measurement

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Epstein standardised measuring frame for controlling the magnetic sheets in compliance with IEC 404-2 / -3 that Vettiner created fifty years ago.

Main caracteristics

- Weight of tested sheet: few tenth of grams to 1 kg (standardised)
- Test voltage: DC 30 V - 45 V & AC - 1 ou 2 x 50 V RMS / 70 V peak
- Test frequency: DC - 50 Hz & 20 Hz à 2 000 Hz & and beyond.
- Test wave format: DC, Sinusoidal, square, triangular, impulse,
- Test current: DC ± 20 A / ± 40 A & AC 20 A & 40 A peak
- Field measurement: 0 - 100 000 A/m
- Induction measurement: 0 - 2 500 Tesla (and beyond.)

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Full description

Vettiner is interested in measures of magnetic sheets for over half a century and Mr. Vettiner, founder of the company in 1933 is causing NFC 28-911 standards, Euronorm 118-1987 and IEC 404-2, 404 -3 & 404-10.

Formerly limited to 50 & 60 Hz power frequency, the evolution of electric motors to variable frequency gradually led to the need of monitoring the performance of magnetic steel sheets over a frequency range up to a few kHz with sinusoidal signals but also with classic geometric shapes of squares types, triangular or adjustable width impulse symetrical shifted phase.

The current development of power supplies with chopped signals up to the MHz should reinforce the need for research and development of measures on magnetic sheets in the coming years.

Current requirements call for magnetic measurements at high inductions, requiring power for testing of increasingly sophisticated, programmable amplitude and frequency, with automatic control of the form of high voltage and power measurements with cos f extremely low (<= 10-4.

Vettiner specialized in these extreme measures by developing an Epstein analyzer that can adapt to the customer's requirement and specifications with a wide range of high accuracy field ammeters, direct flow integrator voltmeter across the testing frames as well as a range of standard or customisable according to the tests to be performed.