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GC range

GC range

Réf : GC HI

Shockwave generator to test the state of isolation between HV, MV, LV, or even VLV winding turns according to current standards. Thanks to computers these devices allow you to go much further in terms of investigation and qualification of the winding

Main caracteristics

- Test voltage: 100 V to 60 kV.
- Mesurement dV/dt: measured & displayed according to current standards
- dV / dt: 50 ns to 1,2 µs.
- d I / dt: 100 A/µs to > 2000 A/µs.
- Loa d capacitance: 100 pF to 1 µF
- Applied energy: 2,5 µJ to > 100 Joules
- Test uncertainty: <= 0,3%

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Full description

The main function of the first shockwave generators was to identify potential short circuits between windings turns.
Today, the Vettiner shockwave generators offer many more possibilities of testing and investigation.
Due to the electric discharge steep front of a selected capacitance, Vettiner voltage shockwave generators high current and high maintained frequency (HMF) allow for the test and and qualification of the winding insulation as well as multiple other types of failures, in particular without any comprehensive description thereof, the detection of:
- Short circuit between two turns of a single coil,
- Short circuit between coils / consecutive bars (rotors) (bar to bar testing)
- Defects or mere weakness of the insulation of a winding (Essential in preventive)
But also :
- Detection of number of errors in turns, type of wires or bars used (compliant or not), wire stretching, and even slot outputs,
- Failure in the associated magnetic circuits,
· Graphic analyse of the shape of the discharge wave with comparison with an existing reference curve or virtually determinable.

Meets all international standards (test of the number of applied shocks, measurement and display of the voltage peak and the voltage rise time). Can be designed to customer's requirement.