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Polystyrene reference capacitors, all capacitances, 1 kV to 50 kV

Ref : CP 50-1000 (CP range)
Ref : CP 50-1000 (CP range)

Réf : CP 50 - 1000

Reference capacitor used for accurate checking of capacitance and high tangent delta (Tan d > 1.10-3). Sensisitive to temperature variations, its interest is mainly regarding its limited weigh and its relative cheap cost

Main Caracteristics

- Voltage range 1 kV to 50 kV
- Tangent delta < ou = 5.10-4 à < ou = 2.10-4
- Nominal capacitance 10 pF to 10 nF
- Voltage coefficient < 30 ppm / kV
- Stability / year < 0,5 %

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Full description

After 80 years of design and manufacture of any kinds of standard capacitors, any possible voltages and capacitances, Vettiner proposes today the widest range of high voltage standard capacitors on the world market

CP range, applied to "test objects" of relative high tan delta must be perfectly carried out within the framework of Vettiner knowledge and know how and complete the other ranges of standard capacitors using a different dielectric insulant, polystyren, not plutting as SF6 and allowing relative high high-voltages.

Final capacitance of each capacitor belonging to the CP range is constituted of a complex serial-parralel assembly of multiples capacitances.
It is quite difficult to obtain an accurate final capacitance value with this technology but offer the advantage of lower cost of manufacture of reference capacitors with relative low weights, easily transportable and often sufficient for Go - NoGo checking types.

These types of capacitors are mainly used by companies operating fast checking in workshops or outdoor on field, keeping in mind that these checking must be achieved in reasonnable thermal conditions (Correction to do if less than 10°C or above 30/35°C).

The same standard capacitors can be used also as the high voltage part of HV capacitive dividers thanks to an associated or separated low voltage foot capacitor.

They can be used also as coupling capacitances for partial discharges measurements on a large scale of application on HV equipments (cf. IEC 60 270) but not with too low DP level.