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HV 20kV to 50kV portable capacitors

HV 20kV to 50kV portable capacitors

Réf : CGP 050

Portable standard capacitor used in the field for very high accuracy measurement of capacitance and dielectric dissipation factor (tan d), or as a branch of high voltage capacitor dividers or even as coupling capacitors in some applications.

Main Caracteristics

- Voltage range 20 kV to 50 kV
- Tangente delta (Tan d) < 1.10-5
- Nominal capacitance 100 pF
- Voltage coefficient < 30 ppm
- Stability / year < 0,05 %

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Full description

The new range of portable CGP capacitors is the result of Vettiner's knowledge in field applications (20 to 50 kV).

These capacitors are mainly used by commissioning companies of high voltage equipment on operating site, by the energy operators and by industrial maintenance companies. These portable standard capacitors can also be used on industrial sites requiring mobile measurement means. The major advantage of these portable standard capacitors is their weight (12kg to 15kg) and therefore their ease of transport, including in the cargo passenger baggage in a special container (UN standard 1080, container weight + standard capacitor <20 kg).

These standard capacitors can also be used as a capacitive divider with a low voltage foot capacity that can be inétgrated in the base of the capacitor.
They can even be used for coupling capacitance for partial discharge measurements for applications on high voltage equipment of relatively small capacity (IEC 60270)

This range CG - VHT is always made up of 3 main electrodes:
- A high voltage electrode receiving the high voltage,
- A low voltage measuring electrode Cn insulated from the high voltage electrode by a dielectric gas under pressure, most often SF6,
- A guard electrode to perfectly define the measurement made by the previous electrode Cn and eliminate all the parasitic capacitances by grounding them or by using an installation specific guard circuit.
- An additional measuring electrode Cn2 may be added as an option to allow the simultaneous use as high accuracy standard capacitor and tangent delta but also as a reference voltage - extremely high precise voltage.